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What are Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) Tags?
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag. Similar to the decal system used in years past, the new windshield RFID tags will be assigned to members as a form of membership identification -- but with a twist! Unlike the old decals, the new RFID tags will interact with the mounted reader at both gates. Simply, as your vehicle approaches the gate your RFID tag lifts the barrier arm.

Will both gates use the RFID system?
Readers will be installed at the main Gate and Southwest Access (back gate). Currently, the back gate has a system in place for member access through the use of proximity cards (commonly referred to as back gate keys). The conversion process from proximity cards to RFID tags require upgrades to the hardware at the back gate. As a result, RFID tags will not communicate with the back gate until this process is completed. Members with back gate keys will need to retain them until this conversion process has been completed. Once the back gate system has been converted, your RFID will allow access in and out of the Development to all members at both gates.

Advanced notification will be given on the conversion date. This date will be published in the Sunbeam, on the Lake Wildwood website, Facebook page, front gate bulletin boards, and at the back gate. After this date, back gate cards will no longer be activated and access through the back gate will only be granted to members with valid RFID tags.

What are the Member Access Lane Restrictions?
At this time, the member access lane is restricted to members in good standing with a valid RFID tag. Towing of vehicles or equipment as well as large recreational vehicles may not use the member access lane, but instead should enter the Development through the guest access lane.

What should I do with my current back gate key?
As stated above, please retain your key until the back gate has been fully converted to the RFID system. Once your RFID tag is working, and the back gate has been converted, please return your back gate keys to the main Gate or Association Office.

What will the tags cost?
Every lot that receives a bill for annual dues is eligible to receive two (2) free RFID tags for use on vehicles registered to a member and their spouse or partner as recognized by law. Additional or replacement member RFID tags will cost $10 each. On March 2nd, members who have not paid their dues or members who are otherwise declared to be not in good standing will have their RFID tags deactivated.

Will I be required to obtain a new RFID tag each year?
No, this system will no longer require an annual issuance of decals.

Will Associate Members be issued an RFID tag?
Yes, provided all eligibility requirements are met, the proper paperwork is returned to the Association Office, and the Associate Membership is approved.

How will this impact the current ‘pocket decal’ process?
It has not yet been determined if a replacement system will be implemented. Until a decision has been made, pocket decal users will be required to enter the Development through the Guest Access Lane.

The gate operators, barrier arms, and the RFID hardware will be installed at the main Gate.

The proper placement and application of the RFID tags on vehicles is a fundamental step in the process. As a result, we will be performing a series of tests to establish the best way of applying RFID tags to windshields.

Software integration and data migration will begin with the intent of importing existing vehicle data. This step will minimize the initial amount of information required to begin the process and allow for a smoother transition between systems.

The membership is now able to obtain their RFID tags following the process detailed below. The transition from the antiquated decal system to the new RFID system is a complex process requiring cooperation between the membership and the Development. For a faster, smoother process, please adhere to the issuance schedule below and bring the required documentation.

Required Documentation
State vehicle registration in the member’s name ONLY.

Here is information you’ll need to provide:
• Full Name and Lot Number
• Vehicle Make and Model
• Vehicle Color
• Vehicle Year
• License Plate Number

Issuance Schedule
RFID tags will be issued only during specific dates and times. These dates and times will be published in the Sunbeam, on the Lake Wildwood website, on the Facebook page, and at both gates.

1) Stop at the main Gate window and let Security know you’d like to obtain a new RFID tag.

2) The Guard on duty will direct you to the north lot (right-hand side) and have you park your vehicle. You will then be instructed to enter the Guardhouse using the back door. Please bring your State vehicle registration and all your information with you inside.

3) The Guard will gather your name, lot number, and vehicle details from you and your registration. Once this information has been provided, a Guard will join you back at your vehicle to apply the RFID tag. This process will take a bit longer than the previous year’s decal issuance as the application requirements are more stringent.

The barrier in the Member Lane will be lowered and access through this lane will be restricted to members in good standing with RFID tags. Members with white 2016 decals will be required to enter through the Guest Access Lane until they’ve receive an RFID tag.


December Meetings
[3rd] ECC (9am, Office)
[5th] Recreation (4:30pm, Office)
[10th] Board of Directors (10am, Lodge) [AGENDA]
[12th] Sunbeam (1:30pm, Office)
[31st] Lakes and Dams (8am, Office)

December Events
[3rd] Family Christmas Gathering Event:
Saturday, December 3, 2016 beginning at 4:00 p.m. in the Lodge.

Please bring a Christmas dessert to pass and the event is BYOB (bring your own beverage - coffee will be provided). Santa will bring gifts for children 0-10 years old. (Registration was required for this -- now closed).

We’ll also be holding a ‘White Elephant’ raffle - the entry fee is a wrapped ‘White Elephant’ gift.


[31st] New Year Celebrations Event:
Register Online

February Events
[19th] Chili Cook Off
Registration form required only if you plan to enter a chili dish into the contest:
Chili Cook Off Registration

Lake Wildwood Association is now accepting applications for part time help at our main Gate inputting data and assisting members with entry procedures. Computer proficiency and attention to detail a must. Weekends required.

Online Application
Print and Mail Application

Construction Images
Swimming Pool Image Gallery (Facebook Link)

Due by March 1, 2017. Unpaid accounts will be billed an initial $50 late charge on March 2, 2017. Payments may be sent in monthly towards the dues. If you'd like to make monthly payments please contact the Office.

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